RSS - What is it?

The RSS Symbol

That orange symbol is a graphic for RSS. It can stand for Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication. You also might see a red symbol for XML or a blue logo for Atom. It's definitely NOT really simple.

It's a headline service

Think of RSS as a webfeed. It's a way of listing - in one place - the summaries or headlines from different websites that interest you ... without having to go to all those individual websites. It would be analogous to clipping through magazines for articles that interest you. By clicking on a particular headline that interests you, you're taken to the full story at the blog site.

How to subscribe to a blog

The tool needed to subscribe to a blogs is called an aggregator. Aaargh! Do a web search to find one. Or ...

Two relatively easy methods of subscribing to a blog are to use My Yahoo or the Firefox web browser. When you add a blog to your list (that is, subscribe to it), you'll see headlines or summaries of the most recent postings on that site listed on your My Yahoo page or with Firefox in your Bookmarks. Clicking on a particular headline takes you to the full story at the blog site.

How to subscribe with the Firefox Web Browser

If you have the Mozilla Firefox browser, click on the orange button above, and my blog - Yours for Good Fermentables - will be added to your Bookmarks. Then look at the menu toolbar at the top of the browser window. Click on Bookmarks. Go to RSS Feeds > Yours for Good Fermentables > [most recent posts].

Add to My Yahoo! How to subscribe with My Yahoo

If you have a My Yahoo account, click on the Add to My Yahoo button above, and Yours for Good Fermentables will be added to your My Yahoo, that is, a headline from my blog will be listed on your My Yahoo home page whenever I post a new entry.

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