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American Brewers Guild
several web-based distance courses on brewing

Alex Hall's Cask Ale Website
A good resource on cask ale in the US. Concentrates on the New York City area, but there's much on availability elsewhere and on general cask advice.

American Library Association
Throughout his life - my father - Albert C. Cizauskas, remained an ardent appreciator of good books - the words in them and the binders that hold them. Consider contributing to a library of your choice.

Beer (and more) In Food
Think of cooking with beer as more than sticking a 12-ounce can of Bud up a chickenís behind, putting it on the grill and waiting for the bird to reach a nice golden brown. Get inspired and think of all the components of beer: dried malt extract, malt syrup, yeast, and grains.

Beer Cookery
Beer cuisine, beer and cheese, recipes, and more. Website maintained by beer and food writer Lucy Saunders.

Beer History
a good source for articles on beer and brewery history. The site offers for sale many books on beer history.

Beer Hunter
THE beer writer, Michael Jackson, 1942 - 2007.

The Beer Mapping Project
Uses Google Maps to exactly pinpoint breweries, brewpubs, beer bars, beer stores. Reviews provided by on-line participants. Alternative to

Belgian Beer and Travel
Writer and travelist Chuck Cook informs, educates, and entertains those who enjoy the brews of the greatest beer country: Belgium.

Bigger Than Your Head
Fredric Koeppel gazes critically at the -- creating and preparing, the marketing and selling, the truth and the hypocrisy, and the issues and the language -- behind wine and food.

Brewers Association of Maryland
An advocacy group for the interests of the craft brewing industry of Maryland.
Links to other MD craft breweries and brewpubs.

Brewers United for Real Potables
A large, very active, and sophisticated homebrewing club, serving the DC Metro area.
Organizers of beer seminars and festivals.

The Brickskeller Dining House and Down Home Saloon
My favorite Washington DC watering hole... with a VERY large selection (1000+!) of imported and domestic bottled beers.

C - D

Carol Cizauskas
in addition to her full-time position, my sister is a freelance radio reporter and producer.

Albert C. Cizauskas 1920-2002
My father: a US diplomat, economist, and life-long lover of books.

Clipper City Brewing Company
Baltimore's largest brewery. Founded by Baltimore brewing pioneer Hugh Sisson in 1995.

An Internet mailing list of people in the greater Washington, DC and Baltimore area who enjoy brewing, drinking, investigating, and discussing good beers.

E - H

Eat Air
A Vegan Food Log. "When you tell someone youíre vegan, they ask (often incredulously) 'What do you eat?!'".

iTunes may have been the 'paradign shift' for dowloading music, but it, RealMusic, and others, encode downloads with DRM - perniciously restrictive copyright protection. eMusic, which offers music from independent record labels, does not. Rock, electronic, dance, world, jazz, blues, classical ...

Firefox browser
a stable, open-source alternative to Internet Explorer.

Folding at Home
Use your computer to help find the cause of Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases. A distributed computing effort directed by Stanford University.

Garrett Oliver
Garrett Oliver has written one of the better books on beer and food: The Brewmaster's Table. This is the companion website.

I - L

Lew Bryson
As Lew Bryson himself puts it, he's "the award-winning, beer-drinking, whiskey-sipping, brewery-visiting, cask-tapping, thirst-creating drinks writer."

Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
My 'non-beer' blog. Sometimes it's not about the beer.

An online network of more than 15 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries.

Lituanus is an English language journal dedicated to Lithuanian and Baltic art, history, language, literature and related cultural topics. My father was a frequent contributor and letter writer.

M - P

Mother Jones Magazine On-Line
Used to be less slick, but still a good source of news without the usual establishment and reactionary slants.

Network for Good
This website enables you to search and donate to more than 1 million charities online.

Roger Protz
The 'other' British beer writer

Open Office
an open-source free alternative to Microsoft Office.

Orgy in Rhythm
Miss records? You know, those 12-inch discs of vinyl you used to play with a phonograph? Bacosco of the UK is a jazz fan. He uploads his finds at high-quality 320 mbps. And, if your conscience needs assuaging: these records are out-of-print.

Pub Crawler
An intermittently available on-line listing of breweries, brewpubs, and beer bars. See new alternative: Beer

Q - S

Red Cross
Yes, a lot of problems here that have approached malfeasance. But the Red Cross remains a viable organization of assistance in times of disaster.

Sisson's Restaurant and Brewery
Maryland's pioneering brewpub: the pub opened in 1979 and added the brewery in 1989. It no longer exists.

Society for the Preservation of Beer from the Wood
The first US branch of this organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying cask-conditioned real ale. Conducts an annual Real Ale Festival in Baltimore, MD.

Stonch's Beer Blog
Beer by a Brit: "never, ever trust people who don't drink beer, unless they have a very good excuse - and for the avoidance of doubt, being an uptight, miserable sod is not a very good excuse."

T - V

Thomas Cizauskas
My home website. Among my interests, one which holds my profound attention is beer.

W -Z

World of Beer
Beer writer and reviewer Stephen Beaumont. Based in Canada.

YFGF ô - Yours for Good Fermentables
My blog on beer, other fermented products, and unrelated topics.

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