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promoting Clipper City beerIn the good beer trade since the early 1990s, I have been a brewer, a brewery manager, a brewpub owner, a brewery consultant, a restaurant manager, a beer writer and blogger, and a beer and wine salesman.

From 2004 through 2008, I was the Southeast US Territory Manager for the Clipper City Brewing Company. As a Territory Manager, I oversaw sales of Clipper City's beers, working primarily with wholesalers and distributors.

Initially, my territory lay in the District of Columbia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. But it grew to include all of Virginia, and then, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina, as each of those states allowed beers of greater than 5.9% alcohol to be sold.

Clipper City itself changed. Some of its beers became organic. Some of its beers defined new craft styles. Its roster of beer expanded from nine beers to Cizauskas, as beer salesman, circa 2005sixteen, many winning medals.

And the cask ale! Ahh! Beer may be my profession, but cask ale —the beauty of beer at its freshest— is my mission.

When I began with the company in 2004, Clipper City was a dynamic Baltimore, Maryland brewery. By the time I departed in August of 2008, Clipper City had truly become an East Coast brewery, its beers sold in 20 states along the East Coast and into the Midwest.

That I was part of that was indeed my privilege.

At times, it was exciting; at times, it could be frustrating; but it never was dull. Along the way, I met many fascinating and beery folk: brewers, salespeople, wholesalers, beer shop owners and managers, and beer lovers throughout the South.

I thank owner Hugh Sisson, Brewmaster Ernesto Igot, Sales Manager Pat Helsel, and everyone then and before at the Clipper City Brewing Company for having included me in their voyage of good beer.

Read more of my earlier career at my archives page or at my blog.

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