A  tour arranged by Anchor's Bob Brewer
(yes that's his name!)
for the 2001 graduating class of the
American Brewers Guild, July 2001.
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on Mariposa Street, looking up at the facade of the Cathedral!
Fellow ABG student Chris Goehe,
preparing to enter
Anchor Brewing Company.
Is he deemed worthy?
getting happy: Cascade hops
Fellow student Tom Ferguson
examining Cascade hops
for the Anchor Porter
Is that legal?
On San Francisco's Mariposa Street,
gazing up at the facade
of this towering
Cathedral of Beer,
Anchor Brewing Company.
Anchor's beautiful tiled brewhouse
Remember, it's not the Anchor STEAM Brewery. It's simply the Anchor Brewing Company.
Thus, the beers are not, for example,
Anchor Steam Porter
but Anchor Porter, etc....
Except of course for
Anchor Steam Beer itself!
Anchor Porter... in the mash tun
wort exiting the grant faucets on its way to the kettle
Anchor Porter wort
extracted from the malt
in the mash tun
spent grain silo
On its way from the
lauter tun to the kettle,
wort exiting the faucets
in the
Spent grain-out
and silo discharge
Chris Goehe again! next to kettle
The kettle
and fellow student Chris Goehe
Don't jump!
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